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Besides our individual Berlin Overview Tours and further private panoramic sightseeing tours of 2 or 3 hrs, we organize also full day tours of Berlin to give you a deeper inside view of Germany`s capital – according to your interests and requests.
Take your time. During an exciting full day tour Berlin our knowledgeable and humorous guide will show you all important sites and neighhoods and will give you a deep inside view of Berlin`s changeful history and the many political and social changes. And of course you will learn about Berlin today – the scene, culture, nightlife …
Discover Berlin with your personal guide – with sedan, minivan or bus or also on foot.
Small groups up to 5 pers. our guide will show you around also with public transport.

Highlights and “hidden treasures”

Berlin Full day tour - German Historical Museum

Besides the well know attractions like Brandenburg Gate, Museums Island or Checkpoint Charlie we will show you also the hip places in bustling neighhoods like Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg, or calmer quarters like Schöneberg`s charming and relaxed “Akazienkiez”  (Kiez = neighbourhood)
or the wonderful Grunewald Quarter with the beautiful 19th century villas. Hidden treasures “off the beaten track” included.

Strolling, shopping, relaxing

Full day tour Berlin - Nikolai-Quarter

All Berlin neighbourhoods and quarters have a different atmosphere and their own attractions.
Before 1920 around old Berlin (historical city centre) there were indepedent cities and villages like Charlottenburg, Schöneberg or Tempelhof. They all became part of Greater Berlin in the early Twenties.
Because of this up to today these former independent cities are rather diverse in atmosphere, with there own subcentres, inviting you for a little stroll or a shopping trip.

Also – if you are interested in visiting unique shops, department stores and the best shopping malls – no problem, our guides know the most important places and also the more secret ones.

History and Culture

Full day tour, Charlottenburg Palace

Berlin will fascinate you with its one-of-a-kind mix of different levels of history and culture.
On a full day tour you will get really close to different aspects of the growing metropolis.

Learn more about city history from the very beginning, when Berlin was a small trade settlement at the eastern banks of the river Spree, which developed till the 19th century to Germany`s biggest industrial city. Get closer to the Nazi period, when Hitler and his architect Speer wanted to rebuild Berlin to a gigantic  “Germania “, a manifestation of megalomania. Some remnants of these dark times still exist.

Dive with us into Cold War, the time of the devided city, with West-Berlin, a democratic island inside the communist Eastern Bloc and East-Berlin, the capital of East-Germany (GDR). Experience the Berlin Wall, the four sectors and the differences between East- and West-Germany. Our guides tell you about reunification,  how it felt to be East- or West-Berliner – and also how the city developped since then.

Our guides will answer your questions and will design the tour according to your requests.

Full day Tour Berlin:  Highlights and more – Berlin intense …

Basic Data:

  • Tour Details: Individual full day tour with your personal guide
  • Date/Time: according to requests
  • Dauer: 5 hrs. and more
  • Starting Location: E.g. your hotel or any other place you specify
  • Group size: for 1-2 Pers. – sedan, up to 7 pers. – minivan, 8 Pers.or more-  travel coaches
  • Languages: german, english, spanish, italian, chinese, russian, dutch and many more.

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Best of Berlin – the perfect day!!